Captive Insurance Management

The Blue Financial Group provides access to the creation and management of Barbados Captive Insurance companies, using a Barbados Exempt Insurance Company (“EIC”).   

There are many benefits to using a Barbados EIC including:

  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Property Transfer Tax
  • No direct taxation during the first 15 years
  • Exempt from Barbados exchange control regime 

An EIC pays no corporate tax for the first 15 years of its existence. It does pay an annual licence fee of US$10,000.  After the first 15 years an EIC is taxed at a rate of 8% on the first US$125 000 of taxable income and at a rate of 0% in respect of all other taxable income in excess of US$125 000. Additionally, the annual licence fee is waived.

It can take six weeks or more to establish an EIC (depending on complexity), starting from the completion of a feasibility study until the issuance of the licence by the regulator.  The Blue Financial Group will work diligently with our clients to ensure their Barbados exempt insurance company is established in an efficient and cost effective manner, and by experienced insurance professionals.

Contact us for additional details on how to establish and operate a Barbados Captive Insurance company.