Barbados is widely recognized as a very well regulated country with an enviable network of double taxation treaties. Other factors which make Barbados an attractive jurisdiction from which to conduct international business include:

  •  Long history of political and economic stability
  •  Regulatory environment exceeds international best practices
  •  As referred to above, a long and growing list of tax treaties and investment agreements with major countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  •  Strong Government support of the international business community.
  •  Modern legislation and effective regulation to encourage legitimate international business.
  •  High standard of local education, resulting in a productive workforce with lower rates of turn over.
  •  Regular and direct airline services to North America and Europe.
  •  Good physical infrastructure and support services, including excellent telecommunications, major international banks, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Barbados has established itself as one of the leading international financial services centres in the world. This industry has been at the forefront of Barbados' development and has allowed Barbados to establish the reputation as one of the world's most respected international financial services domiciles, consistently meeting international best practice standards.

Other factors favoring Barbados include its anti-money laundering legislation, simplified statutory filing and accounting in addition to the fact that the jurisdiction is not a 'tax haven' but a low tax jurisdiction. Its wide and growing network of double-taxation treaties makes it a hub for international treaty-based financial services activity.

One unique factor differentiating Barbados from other offshore locations is the availability of competitively priced intellectual and service resources, which reduces cost and ensures continuity of personnel.

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